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    Reiki Courses

    Do you struggle to cope with the fast and demanding pace of life these days?

    Would you like to learn self-healing?

    I can help.

    I run beginner reiki courses for anxiety and stress management. As part of this course you will learn methods on how to help yourself and stay grounded in stressful situations.

    The course will help if you overthink or suffer with insomnia and are looking at natural ways to deal with these common issues.

    The course also covers the history of reiki and the principles, how to channel reiki energy and to feel more inner peace. I have included my own personal touch to the course content.

    For further information just get in touch!

    Prices for courses begin from £350 pounds depending on individuals’ requirements and aims.

    Structure and pricing can accommodate both group and one to one training.

    Reiki courses for couples are also available, where you can learn how to share energy with each other and understand how our chakras and energies affect our everyday life.

    Plus enjoy a special couples attunement this can be with a best friend as well as partner.

    This course is perfect for those getting married or wanting to experience something positive with a close friend, sibling or daughter.

    Reiki Courses

    Further development courses for level 1 reiki to develop to practitioner level or master teacher level or to take further training in compassionate reiki learning to work with the energy and gaining attunement in further non-traditional symbols level 1 to master level available. Both USUI and non-traditional compassionate reiki.

    Meditation and chakra energy balance courses personalised to individual needs.