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    A new beginning for a lighter mind and body

    The possibility of change
    I know something about life’s challenges. My journey has been full of ups and downs, like most people’s. It’s amazing what life can throw at you. When I was in my early twenties I was deeply unhappy with my weight. I had a beautiful baby daughter but I was suffering the physical legacy of a loving Maltese family whose sweet-treat habits had left me uncomfortably overweight, feeling unhealthy and lost as to how to go about changing myself, my life and my health.

    I’ve always felt a connection to the energy that exists in the universe, and that is in each and every one of us. As I reached my lowest ebb, something happened; some of that energy sparked within me. Not being a gym person, and finding it difficult with a baby I started with what I had, which was my own self. So I designed my own home exercise program.
    I wondered what else I could do, but already I’d made a great start on the path to my five-stone weight loss.

    Realising you’re in control
    I began to examine my diet, to think about my portion sizes and the nutritional value of what I was eating. I realised I was in control of all of this and that there were some real changes I could make; the heavy pasta meals and deserts of my upbringing had to be reviewed.

    I continued to exercise from home. I worked on my cardio fitness, as well as increasing my strength and suppleness. My body was letting me know I was onto a good thing with my new habits; I began to feel better; I began to feel my mood lifting, feeling more positive with each passing day.

    Realising you’re in control is a wonderful feeling. I lost five stone at home by myself with a baby. My new beginning began! I felt like the world was a different place. I started to study nutrition and other aspects of health and wellbeing. I knew I already had a gift for harnessing the universal life energy, or Reiki, but I wanted to bring this to others, to make my life about the fitness for body and mind that I was on the journey of. I studied nutrition and gained qualifications to teach spinning, boxercise, aerobics, circuit training, Pilates, meditation and gained my PT level 3. Crucially I studied Reiki, and the teaching of Reiki, gaining a master’s level to enable me to attune others, so they can use this vital energy for themselves and others.

    Your new beginning
    I firmly believe that health and fitness programmes, for them to have the long-lasting, amazing benefits they can achieve, have to be about both physical and mental wellbeing. Each and every one of us needs uniquely different things. My consultations get to know you personally and the challenges that you face, within my private treatment room.
    I will take a down-to-earth approach on how best to reveal your new beginning, together we can bring your energy back so that you can become the best version of YOU!

    There won’t be pressure, fear or pain; only a gentle revealing of your own new beginning, at a pace you’re completely comfortable with. Together we can bring you and your energy back for that fresh start you’ve been dreaming of.