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    March – Solar Plexus – Self Worth and Creativity

    March is here along with some sunshine hopefully.

    Those of you on my Reiki course will have been working on your root and sacral Chakra over the past two months.. this may have brought about buried feelings in particular on childhood and relationships.. other people, past experiences and how we deal with our emotions can effect our energies, chakras, well being.

    This month I would like to ask you to focus on your strengths and creativity.. an under active solar plexus may result in feeling worthless and lack of creativity a sign of an overactive solar plexus maybe been egotistical and full of self..remember that Reiki can help to balance our chakras and bring our energies to a happier state of being.

    See below a list of tasks pick one or all of them to work on over the month of March write down how you feel before and after performing each one and feel free to email me (nat@nullnatcalpin.com)Β with an update on how you get along πŸ’›

    Task 1:
    Think about how you feel right now, write that down and explain how you feel physically and emotionally and then close your eyes for 5 minutes and meditate on the colour yellow. Breathe it into your solar plexus chakra, visualise the sunlight beaming within you, bring this to your solar plexus.

    Following this write down how you feel after the five minutes.

    Task 2:
    Look into your own eyes in a mirror or visualise yourself and repeat that you are worthy, you are whole, you are good enough in all areas of your life. Look at yourself or an old picture of you as a child and remind that person that you are worthy you are whole. (again take note before and after on how you feel) or simply affirm the words “I am worthy and whole” each day several times a day especially if you are having difficult times at work, shift your mood and shift your energy by doing so.

    Task 3:
    Write down a list of all of the creative projects you have been part of in your life, think about how you may have decorated a room or made something by hand, write down how that made you feel and chose another creative task to do over the next month, take before and after pics and send to me 😊. This could be making a room look better than it does right now or anything else your imagination is capable of! Ready.. go! ✨✨✨✨✨✨

    Please send before and after pics of your creative projects to nat@nullnatcalpin.com

    Keep smiling positive vibes your way ✨ this month wear yellow clothing and eat yellow foods to remind you of your solar plexus and all of your worth πŸŒ»πŸŽƒπŸ‹πŸπŸ πŸŒ½πŸŒ

    Recipe for solar plexus shake:
    Using a blender mix with half water half almond or coconut milk: pineapple 2 slices 1 banana half a mango vanilla protein powder and ice..dash of honey optional
    ✨ Enjoy!