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    February – The Month of Love

    February – The Month of Love

    Tips on how to self love to help your health and well being.

    Valentine’s Day has gone, along with the expectations, cards, presents and emotions this may bring to the surface ..maybe Valentine’s Day is just seen by you as a commercial event ..along with so many others that we celebrate now.

    Let’s remind ourselves that self love and self care are where we should begin.

    We cannot offer our ‘best selfs’ to partners, loved ones if we ourselves are not in balance.

    Ten top tips for self love and well being.

    1 – Say NO to things that you do not want to attend or spend your spare time doing.. replace this time with ‘you time’ such as a walk outdoors or a much needed early night.

    2 – Morning meditation start your day with ten minutes clearing your mind connecting yourself to the ground and preparing yourself for the day ahead in a relaxed clear state of mind..include an exercise routine into your mornings or evenings See this as your investment in YOU.

    3 – Put your phone into do not disturb mode after 6 pm or your cutoff time for work ..make a cutoff time if you don’t have one!

    4 – Spend time with loved ones without screens, so no television, phones or computers just bring it back to basics reconnect with who matters most.

    5 – Take a bath and stretch or perform breath meditation.

    6 – Prepare yourself healthy meals, plan and prep them for your busy days at work.

    7 – Take your breaks from work at work after hours it all adds up ..work to live, don’t live to work.

    8 – Make a list of gratitude and make time in your diary for the people closest to you include YOU time in there too, book yourself an early finish or a late start or even a day of no work but just to simply indulge in life.

    9 – Delete, remove or just tidy up your friends lists on social media do you really need to know what a person is having for tea or what they got for valentines 😉

    10 – Tidy up and recreate your own space be it your desk your living room or spare room ..light candles, bring your favourite music or book and self indulge in YOU.

    Look after yourself 

    All the best 

    Nat 😊✨