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    Vibration of Energy and Physical Wellness

    Vibration of Energy and Physical Wellness

    The theme of this post is the vibration of energy and physical wellness.

    This is aimed at those who are feeling energetically drained and who have maybe overindulged a little over the Christmas period.

    If you are feeling burned out after Christmas, energetically tired, carrying extra pounds, or feeling the financial stress, or the seasonal weather is making you feel lack lustre.

    If you have been running around after everyone, feeling under pressure due to the demands of Christmas, the energy output, lack of sleep due to having more tasks to fit in during the day, you may be thinking of setting intentions for the new year ahead.

    The question is how to carry those out and implement those thoughts into physical action by taking steps.

    If you are someone who doesn’t know where to start with their health & fitness and wants to feel more energetic, I am looking for total beginners who are open and receptive to new ways of working.

    I want to help people who would consider themselves complete novices and help to raise their frequency and build them up on all levels.

    Some people have learned, or even believe that they need to be stressed in order to have drive. ‘Cortisol and Coffee’ might get you through a day, but what are the long term health implications?

    By identifying and dealing with stress, it will free up more energy, without having to live on the cortisol rollercoaster.

    There isn’t a great deal of difference between energy depletion and being physically drained.

    This is a combination of a health and wellbeing lifestyle, with a healthy eating plan and exercise discipline.

    The words reiki and mediation might leave you not knowing what to expect, but this approach is totally adaptable and will be paced a level that you feel comfortable with.

    This energy is available to everyone, even if you feel your vibe is low or if you feel that reiki healing or similar, is too far out of your normal comfort zone.

    The gym may be a daunting place for someone who feels they are overweight and have become self conscious, so they avoid taking action. This is not about waiting until you are in the right place to start…starting is what provides this.

    Positive body image, the impact of mind muscle connection, which is different to conventional workouts because we focus on the impact of the mind and how it stresses the body as we hold tension.

    Positive, calming thoughts, self belief, the daily practice of elevating ourselves and letting go through meditation & reiki.

    Client story:
    I met Natalie through a ‘chance’ remark made by a mutual friend, who told me about a Saturday morning workout class in our village with a meditation session straight after.

    It was January and I’d already decided that I needed to make some changes in my life, so I decided to give it a go. As soon as I walked into the hall, I was immediately drawn to Natalie. I can’t explain exactly why but it just felt like I was supposed to be there at that time and it was essential that I talked to her.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the workout and more so the variety each week. Most people, as I did, would probably find it a little unorthodox at first to do a mediation session straight after a workout, but this is where I discovered the mind-muscle connection and the importance of being focused on overall wellness.

    I decided to take up personal 1-to-1 training with Natalie each week. Once we’d sorted out my diet and developed a training plan, I started seeing immediate results. Then life dealt me a few obstacles to contend with and suddenly I was feeling stressed, exhausted and finding it very difficult to train and keep to the plan.

    This is where Natalie excels and really comes into her own. She is truly gifted with an amazing natural ability and is highly intuitive. Many times I would walk into the session thinking I could put on a brave face and do a work out, but she would take one look at me and know that something wasn’t right.
    She would ask “Have you been eating enough?” “Have you been getting enough sleep?” “We’re not going to fully train today.”

    Natalie then went on to explain that she provides a holistic approach and I found out about reiki and healing.

    Whereas a lot of personal trainers might just push you through the workouts, Natalie knew when to and when to guide me through my barriers. Most of my physical barriers were being caused by unresolved issues, stress and pain.

    Since we crossed paths, I have worked with Natalie on all aspects of my physical and emotional wellbeing. I genuinely believe that I have conquered so many of my personal negative belief systems this year and the speed in which its happened is greatly attributed to Natalie’s incredible ability to support & guide me through it.

    Natalie provides a fluid approach, is professional, honest, dedicated, highly knowledgeable in her field and operates with the utmost integrity. If you are really looking to make changes to your lifestyle, this may be the right path for you too.