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    Reiki Courses – Student Feedback

    Nat Calpin

    With reiki you don’t have to understand it or have to be a spiritual ‘type’ of person to feel the benefits however people with busy lifestyles and people that are suffering with stress anxiety or letting go of old energy from past relationships etc. tend to reap the benefits, however what reiki brings is individual for each person and works for their highest good.

    I believe that the intention to heal and the relaxation set up is of great importance to getting the best experience overall.

    Clients from different walks of life, from jobs in management to psychologists, to mums, have all experienced reiki and compassionate reiki sessions with me.

    Reiki is felt not seen, and the feedback below is from people that didn’t know what to expect initially but they have felt such benefits that they decided to have sessions and learn self healing so that they can use this as a stress management tool in every day life.


    I embarked on the reiki course with Nat not really knowing what to expect or even what I wanted to achieve if I’m honest but I felt drawn to it so went with my gut instinct.  Also, whilst I was toying with the idea of doing the course I had a particularly strong reaction to a Reiki treatment so that was all the confirmation I needed that I was making the right choice, I work long hours so my free time is sparse and precious to me.

    I had heard of reiki and chakras but didn’t really know much about either.  Since doing the course I’ve learned a great deal, not only about each chakra and how important the right balance is but about myself and how to improve my well-being in simple ways.  Definitely the hardest part for me was self-reflection and emotions which had previously been untapped or on lock down through either not allowing any time for myself or not wanting to open the box!  I’ve learned how this can contribute to physical symptoms and blockages in my chakras.  I’m now much more aware of when this is occurring and how to self-heal to deal with it although I still find the treatments with Nat really beneficial too.

    Doing the reiki course forces you to examine each chakra area and allows you, in your own way but with Nat’s support, to work on clearing it to gain the benefits from being balanced.  Nat is the most supportive and encouraging person and will help throughout this journey, whatever it brings to light.

    If you’re wondering why I’m now such a firm believer in Reiki here’s some of the feelings I’ve experienced during both treatment and daily life:-

    · Clearer head – previously very full and fuzzy

    · Improved sleep during menopausal symptoms, feelings of coolness helping with night sweats

    · Being thankful and a connection to a higher being

    · Feeling empowered to speak out

    · Letting go of things/people that aren’t helpful to my well-being

    What I have also learned is that there’s no typical reiki session, sometimes I’ve felt warmth, sometimes coolness, jolts of energy, feeling of pressure on areas yet I’m not being physically touched, I’ve seen lights, smelled scents and at other times just felt nothing but relaxation and come away with a spring in my step.  Nat is always guided to where I need it, I can’t really explain it more than that.  Give it a go, what you got to lose?


    I have felt the relaxation benefits have given me clear headspace and an ability to cut through the mist. This has been important for me considering my job and its challenges. 

    I have a really good connection with both people and animals. Whilst I don’t believe in religion or ‘god’ per se, I do believe there is something that connects us, and there are questions I can’t readily answer and I am comfortable with that. In essence I believe there is more than just us, as I have feelings that I can’t actually explain and I do believe in some way I will see those I have lost again and that is quite comforting.


    I feel absolutely euphoric. I can’t stop smiling and feel so giddy! Happy! I would absolutely recommend doing this reiki course with Nat who is both kind and caring and really shares her knowledge and special skills. I feel really appreciative of this time and look forward to the future benefits and learning to come from my ability to selfheal. I really do feel like energy has been given to me and feel so lucky. Thank You xx


    What has Reiki brought to me? I was new to reiki completely; I have found it helps to calm me down I tend to overthink and worry. Reiki allows me to connect to my breath and stop feeling as negative. Stress and negativity have both been reduced. I can deal with everyday tasks in A much more positive way and see things more simply. I tend to let my emotions run away with me this can lead to, physical aches and pains. Reiki helps to feel rebalanced.


    When I began my fitness journey with Nat I realised that my mindset was holding me back more than my physical ability, after talking about this with her I had my first Reiki session. I had never heard of it before but after a few sessions I noticed how much it was helping me.

    At first I wasn’t sure if the it was the right time for me to start the reiki course, balancing university and a full time job, but it was the best time to start. I spend so much time worrying about what I need to do and forget to enjoy the moment I’m in. Reiki has helped me to manage things better and take time for myself.

    I’ve loved learning about each of the chakras and how they impact me day to day. Nat has helped me to reflect on things that have unnecessarily held me back. I have always allowed negative energy to affect me and reiki helped me to soak up positive energy instead!

    It’s a personal experience that’s hard to describe, but I’ve loved it and Nat has been the best teacher I could’ve asked for! Positive vibes always

    Throughout the reiki course I have learnt how to stay calmer and relax more. Each month/ chakra has been interesting to learn more about what each chakra stands for. I have really enjoyed this reiki course and it has helped me with areas I have struggled with in the past. Definitely recommend to everyone as it helps you to selfheal in the future.


    I am not suggesting that I understand what is happening when I receive reiki but, I find it very relaxing and it has certainly helped me deal with a busy life and other circumstances.

    You could argue that you could get this by siting in a dark room, but this does “feel” like more. It has helped me get clarity in the busier moments and made me calmer.

    Reiki has also helped me to deal with the loss of my beloved pet dog, which I’ve struggled with. I would recommend the reiki sessions/course.

    Nat is great and always knows and understands what is happening. I have felt the benefits from the sessions.