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    Mindful or Mind Full?

    Mindful or Mind Full?

    How meditation can be used to help you to clear your mind of thoughts and reduce stress and anxiety.

    Meditation is a practice …often when we think of meditation, we picture a Buddha or monk etc. this does not have to be the case as meditation, mindfulness, being aware and in the present moment is open to us all!

    We don’t need to be a Buddhist, we don’t need to be “that type of person” to meditate.

    If you struggle with every day stresses and strains of modern-day life and find yourself living in your headspace and would like to be able to clear your mind, then meditation is for YOU.

    Benefits include:

    Reduced stress and anxiety.

    Lower blood pressure.

    Increased self-awareness.

    Increase grey matter in the brain.

    Meditation can help curb emotional reactivity which is helpful when we are in a stressful situation and can help in busy modern life with deadlines to meet, work pressure and family to take care of etc.

    One of the best and easiest ways to introduce meditation in my opinion is to start with breath meditation. There are many forms of meditation which I will list for you later but for now let’s look at breath meditation and how it can work for you.

    Here is a small explanation and task for you to try out!

    Breathe …the first thing we do and the last, as we enter and leave the earth.

    Finding time or making time for yourself is important. Remember that time is something you can’t buy back, so we should all make time to simply breathe and reconnect to ourselves. being alive is something to be grateful for don’t you agree?

    So now you have the time!

    Find a comfortable peaceful place not too hot or cold away from distractions.

    Wear loose cotton clothing if possible.

    Switch off phones etc. no distractions.

    Sit tall with spine aligned.

    Listen to your heart and breath.

    If you chest breathe try breathing from the belly.

    Count your breath, inhale for a count of 1 hold for 1 and then exhale for 1.

    Then inhale for 2 hold for 2 and breathe out for 2.

    Then inhale for 3 hold for 3 and breathe out for 3.

    Continue in this way until you find the number that feels right for you, aiming to make your exhale exaggerated and long.

    You can introduce your imagination by picturing smoke or cloud leaving you along with your stress and thoughts on the out breath.

    As you breathe in, squeeze your shoulders up towards your ears and feel any tension that your body is holding in your shoulders and neck, and as you breathe out relax the shoulder blades down.

    Connecting your lower back to the ground if you prefer to do this laying down instead of being in a seated position. Just make sure you are comfortable.

    You can continue your meditation for as little for as long as you like. Maybe starting with a few minutes at a time and building up from there.

    Morning meditations are a great way to start your day with a clear mind and relaxed body.

    After your meditation bring yourself to full awareness by clapping your hands or stamping your feet.

    On Saturday mornings I run a group meditation, first session free. Just contact me to reserve your place.